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On 30, Sep 2020 | In | By adminhs


Adventured with the drone and black magic camera to collect shots all over Idaho for this epic outdoor video. There were some really special local friends, like Russell Davies CEO from PTSD Veteran Athletes that performed all extreme mountain bike and kayak stunts, and so much more. This short documentary was commissioned by John L. Scott Real Estate Boise.

On 28, Mar 2020 | In | By adminhs

Idaho In Winter + Fall

To celebrate the Last Day of Winter in 2020 John L Scott Real Estate wanted to have a video made that would effectively say “IDAHO IS MORE THAN POTATOES!” There’s never been a better time to live in Idaho! This video is apart of an on-going video series where we outshine the famous Idaho potatoes to reveal what Idaho’s seasons have to offer.

On 27, Sep 2019 | No Comments | In | By adminhs


Since returning home, Dima Alardah has added to her empowering work by joining the Norwegian Refugee Council to provide sports programs to Syrian refugees living in camps throughout Jordan. At one point in her life, she dreamed of becoming an Olympic badminton champion. Years after retiring from competition, Dima now dreams of restoring hope to women and girls all across the Arab world.

On 31, Jan 2018 | In | By adminhs

What Makes Lemurs Unique?

This short social savvy documentary highlights the important link between humans and animals. Learn about what makes lemurs different to other primates, how they are essential to the ecosystem and what HappyShiver is involved with as a co-facilitator of the Mobile Library Project. The project seeks to empower people in order to also empower the forests and species that live there. The goal is to support sustainable development so that people and nature can thrive together in harmony.

On 12, Sep 2017 | In | By adminhs

Burning Man 2017 – Radical Ritual

Selected through a media proposal process by Burning Man, this creative short was selected to be filmed with the intention of highlighting “Radical Rituals” and general Burning Man culture in an effort to challenge traditional “dogmas, creeds, and the metaphysical.” It’s a highly creative short that indulges in lots of slow motion and unique visuals.