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On 30, Sep 2020 | In | By adminhs


Adventured with the drone and black magic camera to collect shots all over Idaho for this epic outdoor video. There were some really special local friends, like Russell Davies CEO from PTSD Veteran Athletes that performed all extreme mountain bike and kayak stunts, and so much more. This short documentary was commissioned by John L. Scott Real Estate Boise.

On 28, Mar 2020 | In | By adminhs

Idaho In Winter + Fall

To celebrate the Last Day of Winter in 2020 John L Scott Real Estate wanted to have a video made that would effectively say “IDAHO IS MORE THAN POTATOES!” There’s never been a better time to live in Idaho! This video is apart of an on-going video series where we outshine the famous Idaho potatoes to reveal what Idaho’s seasons have to offer.

On 15, Jan 2017 | In | By adminhs

JL Scott Real Estate Agent Recruitment Video

JL Scott Real Estate represent a wide spectrum of agents on a national level. Real Estate videos and interviews are essential in setting them apart from competition in the Boise, Idaho area. Watch this space for some really exciting real estate videos coming soon!

By adminhs

On 15, Jan 2017 | In | By adminhs

Weighted Blanket Promo

This Amazon listing product video utilizes screen text and in-situ scenes which promote knowledge about how the product works. Products like weighted blankets are not as obvious in their intended use so demonstrating realistic scenarios in video form are critical if you want to convert the product listing into sales and ROI.

On 12, Jan 2017 | In | By adminhs

What Are Essential Oils & How Do They Help? A Beginners Guide

Are you interested in essential oils, but don’t know where to turn for trustworthy info from real certified aromatherapists? Well fret no longer. This video is the first video in a series of 15 videos produced for Plant Therapy. The education series is the mother of all essential oil series online featuring some of the top questions about essential oils and putting to rest some of the most misunderstood aspects of essential oils.