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Video Production, Video Editing, Video SEO & Marketing Services

Happy Shiver Productions is an independent video production company specializing in online videos, branded content, and documentaries for those seeking to improve interaction with audiences. Each project, whether for artist or business, is genuinely packaged using any number of services below to reach the desired goals.

Idaho Video Pre-Production & Scripting Services

Concept Development & Pre-Production

One of our main specialities is to delivery SEO researched & targeted video concepts that are geared for getting top page search listings on Google & Youtube. These tactics can be applied to products videos, educational how to videos, event videos, YouTube Guru Vlogs and documentary films. For brands that aim for ROI and new viewers this tool kit is imperative.

For documentaries we also utilize a wide span of sources, resources and specialists to elevate the deepest truths. We’ve applied skills like these to our own Mobile Library Project in order to facilitate environmental and social change.  Truly, research is at the core of every video or documentary, whether for women’s issues or lemurs.

  • Treatments & Concepts
  • Documentary Research
  • SEO Based Video Concept Development  
  • Pitch Decks 

Idaho 4K Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Operating as a multinational production company, Happy Shiver provides creative video for a diverse collection of clients in both London and the North West of America, mainly Idaho. Our fully stocked equipment rooms and knowledge of specialized equipment sourcing can support a wide span of needs and genres, whether for a single camera 360 product spin video or multi camera high concept commercial shoot.

  • Directing 
  • Producing
  • Creative Direction
  • Camera Opperation / Videography
  • Cinematography
  • Documentary
  • Promo Videos
  • Instructional / How To Videos
  • Creative Event Videos 
  • Music Videos

Idaho Photography & Video Stills Services

Photography & Stills Creation

Journalistic & artistic coverage of people, events, places and animal life is at the heart of Happy Shiver photography. Each image tells a story, whether as a website banner image or as a print spread in a magazine. We can also create still images from your production, thus multi-purposing a video shoot into a photoshoot.

  • Documentary Stills
  • Event Coverage

Idaho Video Editing and Post Production Services

Post Production Services | Video Editing

Our editing services provide a full spectrum of different techniques to neatly stitch the shots and ideas of your story together. There are a variety of editing styles that we can replicate, improvise and originally create. Or, perhaps you just need video finishing on an incomplete film? Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, compositing, color correction, music scoring are just some of the tricks in our repertoire. We can also perform various kinds of animation, such as stop motion animation, custom motion graphics and title sequences.

  • Film & Video Editing 
  • Various Exports & Formats For Social Media

Idaho Video Marketing and SEO Optimization Services

Video SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a must for online video to successfully connect with a target audience. Optimization ensures that your audience will find you in Google & Youtube search results that generate your video! Having all of this in place can cause your video to rise above your competition in Google & Youtube, increase views, interaction and click-throughs for sales.

  • SEO Based Video Marketing & Planning
  • Video Seeding & Video SEO
  • FaceBook Target Audience & Paid Ad Strategy 
  • SEO Based Series & Video Development

Idaho YouTube Chanel & Video Management Services

Youtube Channel Management

With an online presence comes management of various social media outlets. For video, Youtube is the premiere platform for any web video. Through the continued management of your Youtube channel we can provide analytics, accelerate growth, extend your reach, increase click-throughs to your website and in general maintain a more professional channel. We can also guide you on the path of seeking Youtube partnership.

  • Analytics
  • Custom Thumbnail & End Card Designs
  • Video SEO for Channel, Descriptions, Tags, etc.
  • Youtube Channel Design
  • Youtube Partnership Path Guidance
  • Cross Promotional Collaboration Strategy