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By adminhs

The Madagascar Mobile Library & What We’ve Achieved In A Year

On 24, Jan 2018 | In Behind The Scenes, Success Stories | By adminhs


The Madagascar Mobile Library is an innovative project that travels to rural areas across Madagascar. Our village visitations bring fun and learning together for both adults and children who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn through books and audiovisual material.

Watch our short film below to see what we’ve achieved in 1 year & hope to achieve in the future.


In 2016 VapeClub pledged ongoing funding in order to start the Madagascar Mobile Library in partnership with Zara Aina and Happy Shiver Productions. We hired 3 trusted Malagasy people to run the project on a full time basis. Bought a van, installed solar power and sourced books in 3 languages. Added a laptop camera,  gazebo, tables and chairs. Prepped and made lesson plans, then hit the road.

Each month we visit 4 villages in Madagascar. The on grounds project director, Jean Jaques, coordinates with local schools and communities to offer access to a wide variety of books and literature as tools for adults and young people to achieve social change and development.

We also offer reading lessons, mentoring & workshops, community events, and confidence building group activities for kids.

Our goal is to help improve language development, healthcare, agriculture, conservation and general opportunities for success and healthy livelihoods.

We also started a seed-sharing program. So far, we have shared lychee trees with a school in Anosilehibe so that the kids can eat the fruit, which are an essential source of vitamins and nutrients. These fruits will also help generate money for the primary school, which is in desperate need of help since they receive no funding from the gov’t. The trees will be a lifeline for the school. We are also sharing ananambo trees since they have medicinal benefits and valuable nutritional value, as well as beans since they are easy to grow.

This year we will also introduce our SD card system as an educational tool. We also hope to expand to two cars and distribute a massive container of books, 22,000 to be exact.

We are seeking funding and assistance in order to expanding this project. We are also looking for sponsors and donations that revolve around: books, clothing, shoes, excellent seeds, solar technology, mobile technology, computer technology etc.