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By Shana

New Equipment, The Konova Slider Track

On 02, Nov 2012 | In Behind The Scenes | By Shana

I’ve watched various slider videos lately, and have become fascinated with how production quality substantially improves when utilizing such shot techniques.
I’ve spent oodles and oodles of time looking at videos and reading reviews in search of the right slider and finally came upon the Konova Slider. This type of slider is great for product shots, music videos, cinematic story telling, weddings, event coverage, etc., and really is the cherry topping to any video – figuratively of course.

This hybrid dolly device works best with dslr video cameras, as the track is much more suitable for the lightweight design of a dslr camera. The track allows a videographer or camera-operator to attain super smooth dolly shots that can pretty much impress the pants off of anyone. With the right tripod and fluid ball head, the Konova slider allows for vertical, horizontal, canted, sideways, and any other creative shots. You can glide past an object, into an object, up or down an object – the options really are limitless.

This Konvoa slider test video idea came to me instantly as I unwrapped it from the box. I always felt that house cats seemed to live a mostly slow-mo carefree lifestyle, and if captured on film such a video would not be complete without smooth tracking shots; this video is my depiction of that idea. Cats, milk, glidetrack, slow motion; it sounded like a fun quick improve test to me, well except for the part where cats seem to have a.d.d. I even found a perfect song cover for Everybody Wants To Be A Cat by a really talented you-tuber.

To create, I used my trusty Panasonic GH2 with a 1.8 35mm Nikor lens, which is ideal for a cinematic feel. I filmed all shots in 60 fps, and then slowed them down to 24fps using cinema tools. I must say, this Konova slider really delivers and does not disappoint. I cannot stop thinking of all the possibilities that this genius tool has added to my repertoire of film tricks.

Adios, Shana M.