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By Shana

Macro DSLR Filming and Diamond Rings

On 19, May 2012 | In Behind The Scenes | By Shana

Someone told me once that a filmmaker should actually be called a professional problems solver. I agree, especially in the case of filming smaller detailed objects in macro. When it comes to creating a product demo video, anything macro and highly reflective can be the biggest headache to master. An amateur would probably give up due to all the technicalities.

Patience, good hands, a multi function camera, macro lens, and ample lighting are all key to attaining the best ring videos. Some people settle for 3D render videos of jewelry, but honestly everyone knows that such an approach is a false representation. A simple ploy that says, don’t be surprised if the ring you buy looks nothing like the one you saw in the video.

Though difficult, the true and only way in achieving customer loyalty and great jewellery  videos is by understanding your equipment and the products nature. The facets in the stones of a ring are most important, you want the ring to be in focus as much as possible with lighting that compliments. Under or over exposing a ring will result in a loss of these facets.

I also used an external monitor with my DSLR in order to be confident about focus and composition. Make sure to be careful when choosing your monitor though, as your frame rate and size may become compromised if you use an HDMI cable. It is always a good idea to do a test first. Film a clip and pop it into your editing timeline and check to make sure everything is accounted for – frame rate, frame size, lighting, focus, etc. Practice makes perfect right…