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By Shana

Wildlife Photography – Reaching New Grounds

On 20, Jan 2012 | In Behind The Scenes | By Shana

During the colder months we get a chance to spend more time indoors and work on creative ways to capture our most desired shots. We have an ongoing nature project going on and it’s a perfect excuse to experiment with equipment. Here are two setups we have in development at the moment.

This rig uses a wireless camera and remote trigger to allow us to position the camera closer to the subjects without disturbing it.

This camera rig is designed to give us a flying perspective at low altitudes as well as providing fly-through shots.

Below is an example of what can be captured with the right camera setup, skill and a lot of patience:

A close up of an American Bald Eagle captured resting in the sun.

If you have a need for wildlife photography or video work, we would love to work with you. We love a challenge and enjoy coming up with creative ways to achieve memorable shots. We generally work around the Southern Idaho region, but are willing to travel for the right project!