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What Makes Lemurs Unique?

Burning Man 2017 – Radical Ritual


Empower Women Through Sports (series promo)

In Continuum

Vape Jam 2016


Madagascar Mobile Library Promo

Floyd Scholz Wood Carving Seminars


What Are Essential Oils & How Do They Help? A Beginners Guide

Big Sur, CA Coastline

Hip2Save House Tour (part 2)


What Essential Oils To Start With & Why | Our Top 10

Closed Pod Vaping Kits

Feline Beat

Vape Jam 2015

In Search Of Sun – Elevation (Official Music Video)

Which Essential Oils Are Best For What? | Our Top 5

How Coupons Saved My Life

Lavender Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits & DIY

How To Dilute Essential Oils + How & Where to Apply

Lona Hymas-Smith

Happy Shiver is an independent production house for short documentaries, creative event videos, How To / Informative videos, film content featuring women & experimental video art. We provide video locally to Idaho & London, England but travel extensively for productions globally. We focus primarily on high quality cinematography, creative video editing, producing and directing film content. However, we offer several media services, such as SEO video marketing strategies & location scouting. Please refer to the services page to see a full list.

We welcome you to explore the examples of our work and contact us to discuss your video project ideas.

The Madagascar Mobile Library & What We’ve Achieved In A Year

24th January 2018 By adminhs


The Madagascar Mobile Library is an innovative project that travels to rural areas across Madagascar. Read more…

Shana Vassilieva Interview for In Continuum with CinéWomen: Experimental Film Feature

11th February 2016 By Shana

CinéWomen showcases film art from around the world and honors the influence of women in video art, independent cinema and choreography.  Read more…

Filming Assignment: Empowering Women Through Sports In The Middle East

20th January 2016 By Shana

After 2 weeks of filming in the Middle East, I am home from one of the most fulfilling cultural exchanges of my life! Read more…

Our Adventure In Madagascar That Turned Into The Start Of A Mobile Library

11th February 2015 By Shana

Our adventure started as a vacation in Madagascar, but since I am a filmmaker no vacation is complete without all the kit a.k.a. — not really a vacation. Read more…